Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still look like myself?
Absolutely.  Permanent makeup helps give back what time has taken away.

  • No more sparse or uneven eyebrows
  • No more smudgy misplaced eyeliner
  • No more thin irregular lip line
  • No more dull faded lip colour

Permanent makeup is not necessarily intended to replace Cosmetics completely, it is an enhancement. You can apply as much additional makeup as you wish. The colour is placed into the layer of skin known as The Dermis, which is directly under the outermost layer known as the Epidermis, so you are looking at the colour through a thin veil of skin. When a procedure is completed, the colour will appear darker than the final result.  This is because the colour is in BOTH the Epidermis and the Dermis. The colour in the top layer will flake off during the healing Process lightening the overall effect.  It is a  cosmetic invasive procedure that requires skill, experience, and interaction with your permanent  makeup professional. You are part of a team.

How long will my makeup last?
Permanent cosmetics last a long time, but Not forever. As you become accustomed to your new makeup it’s not uncommon to want more.  The darker the colour the longer it will stay unchanged in your skin, Natural, delicate colours are often more vulnerable to the effects of sun, swimming, and breakdown by the body’s Natural response. Clients usually return for a “Colour Boost” every 12–18 Months to maintain their Cosmetic enhancement.

Do the procedures hurt?
Topical anaesthetics have been developed especially for Permanent makeup procedures. These creams and gels are applied to the desired area before and during the procedure to assure you of the most comfortable experience possible.